1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman Bass

1964 Gretsch Country Gentleman Bass

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1964 Gretsch 6070 Country Gentleman Bass

This is an extremely rare bass, and one of the most beautiful basses we've seen. Just gorgeous. It is full scale and has the biggest, thickest neck you'll play. Smooth all the way up. It plays and sounds like a dream. Deep, full and robust upright bass like tone with vintage flare and all of the clarity of a modern bass.

Being a player's bass it has a few modifications. The upper and lower horns were modified to be a Volume Knob and a Tone knob vs the tone cut switch on the upper and master volume on the lower. The original upright retractable stand was removed but the bracket is included. A rear strap button was installed and there is a hole from a previous button next to it. Everything else appears to be original.

The bass due to it's age and era has what most luthiers refer to as "Gretsch-itis" where the binding would begin to crumble in spots over time from case outgassing this is actually very minimal on this guitar compared to other Gretsch guitars we've seen from this period. But it is noticeable in some spots. This is no way inhibits the bass. It is only cosmetic.

Includes original leather gig bag.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

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